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The Actual Technology on Runescape

Here is the goal, (green = completed. Blue = in progress. Red = to be done. What to do IM in order)
Range :70-75 (was 70, then the light within 75 aviansies)
Fletcher :54-79
Agriculture: 56 - 62 (morbid use enhanced: on)
Herblore: 56 - 63 (runescape gold)
Prayer: 65 - 70


Strength: 82 \
Defense: 80 | - Constitution: 80 + rs gold
Attack: 80 /


The constitution will be higher than 80 may obtain these objectives and scope. I have put the order in which they may be more them.Slayer skills in the process to get another. Main results obtained so far in the feet and dragon melee level(Runescape powerleveling). Re godsword (Sarah this time). Finally, the call so I can do a better future for the task, and raise the level of membership operations. Range and the killer is in the light, the blood flowing.


OK - here's plans. Agriculture were 62 and 63 herblore . Then, the Working Group will be doing. Use 100K of the prayer (including 3) and IDK what the last one on. So to find killer, patients received blood run deep, and has magic and scope and the Constitution. Get the scope, flexibility and WTL in the fletching. Finally, in the light. Then two of the pursuit, do not want to do that, leave nomads. In want to get farming, herblore together 4Story . They then later (last weekend to do the pursuit.) Ranges, and at the same time killer. If I complete, agile or fletching.You  can buy runescape.


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