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The Guide for Melee Combat in Runescape

We have some summary about choosing a world of Runescape to share with you, our site has collected the mainly information on the other site. hope you like.

First of all, 90% of my training is done with 2 weapons(Runescape Gold), the Abby Whip and Guthans Warspear. We always train controlled because the typical strength training weapons are less efficient than the whip and we want 99 in everything anyway. If you must Str train, Dh, anchor, dragon or GWD weapons are probably your best bets. If the Hally appeals to you, know that it is most accurate while Str training thanks to style bonuses.

You want things that drop stackable items(runescape gold) or are really close to a bank. Here are some training techniques that incorporate other skills as well as transportation methods to some of the best spots. See the bestiary for a quick list of monsters we find worth killing. My favorite training technique is to hit up the dragon B axe spec and chug a regular attack potion. Then switch over to the whip and go to town.

If you do not have a D B axe or can not afford losing the defense, use your regular Str or Combat pots. If your using your herb drops to their fullest, you will have plenty to spare. The slayer mask, Salve Ammy, and Void Knight should be used as often as possible. Get the Salve ammy Get from the Haunted Mine, kill Tarn to unlock it, and use it a lot! They are all invisible bonuses that do not stack with each other, but they do stack with visible bonuses from pots and the like(rs gold).

With 50+ Smithing, the cost of repairing barrows gear is reduced significantly if you DIY! "Guthans Only" training areas will become better money makers if you have the skills. You should at least shoot for 50-60 slayer. 85 is not required to make use of this skill! Many of the best droppers of useful items are slayer monsters, and most of them are 60- slayer.You can buy runescape.


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